New York, NY

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Phaneros Gallery, 2018


Hannah Yata's new body of work debuts April 28, 2018 at Phaneros Gallery in Nevada City, California. Her paintings continue to examine the psychology of modern-day society and it's relationship to nature.

"Exile" reflects on the story of Adam and Eve and their expulsion from the sacred garden and the great divorce that happened between humans and their relationship to the earth. She considers the mythos of this exile as not only human-made but also contemplates the way of the stone age nature-worshipping religion of the goddess was transformed by demonizing its beliefs and its symbolic elements. She challenges this demonization as ultimately a split in our psyche, a fear that imbalances our very being and our relationship to the feminine earth. Archetypes of this old religion are again raised in her work to question the tradition of heroes that center around human, male leaders. "Exile" looks back to the creative, fertile force of the feminine, the memory of the matriarch, and the celebration of Mother.