New York, NY

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Dancing In Delirium


Corey Helford Gallery

“We see wild like it’s crazy: but wild is not crazy, it’s not uncontrolled. Wild means original, innate, authentic, instinctive, deep rooted, sanguine, fearless. The overwhelming array of industrial forces that are lined up against the living world: the pipelines, the pesticides, the pharmaceuticals, the emissions, the trawers, the fox cons, the banks- they favor uniformity and sameness, oppression, repetition, and Harkian force- this is violence- this is death, this is not wild. Wild is exquisite-it is about benefiting all beings- that’s what wild does…. wild is not crazy. Wild is an awakening.

Crazy is double glazing the planet with carbon ifecera(sp?) and killing the oceans with carbonic acid. Crazy is sterilizing our soils and genetically manipulating our seeds to fix our stupidity. Crazy is drone attacks on women and children in Afganistan and Pakistan- that’s not wild- that’s psychotic and psychosis is a severe mental disorder- it’s when thoughts and feelings are so impaired that we have no sense of the external world.”

- Paul Hawken”


  Hannah Yata’s aesthetically beautiful images stand in a stark contrast to her darker subject matter. Inspired by psychology, religion, literature, and her experiences as a woman, the New York based artist calls upon the rich symbolism of the female figure, which she often combines with parts of animals, creating metaphorical hybrid characters. Placing these characters in intriguing scenarios, she explores the depths of our social psychology and draws parallels to modern day issues. In “Dancing in Delirium”, Hannah Yata's phantasmagorical female creatures and animals embody “the transformative, wild energy of the natural world, tainted with abuse of modern society”.

  Delirium, as it relates to brain necrosis, is the last gasps of energy synapses that are sparking out.

  “Dancing in a world of delirium” refers to a flailing, twirling, and searching of the being to grapple with the true nature of reality and the divorce of its roots from the Earth. With this new body of work, Yata offers a warning to her viewers to be more conscious, and be more present in the ways we interact with our world.  “To have a change in energy is a change in thinking- how we view one another, how we treat one another is how we treat the Earth,” Yata says. Her oil paintings are ripe with images of a spiritual paradise, her own strange and surrealistic Garden of Eden, in which nude forms merge and cohabitate with animals like tropical birds and mythological creatures. Psychedelic colors are used to convey a beautiful energy, while displays of dance and ritual reveal rebellion against a dark energy, such as industry and destruction.

  “Dancing, in my work, relates to a transformative experience- both ritualized and defiant- as a rebellion against energies that wish to contaminate and destroy the world.  It awakens the divinity in nature, the Lumen Naturae: “The light, the wisdom, the being of nature-”as spirits and personalities. The characters in my work embody the female as the mythological archetype, metaphorical unconscious, and as a character for Mother Earth. The defiant rites played out on the canvas challenge the sanity of our actions played out today- that one should modify, consume, and decimate the earth.  It evokes a sort of magical defiance in the face of human progress in a world that’s been pumped full of mind altering drugs, electromagnetic waves, sounds, distractions, and images."