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Biography and Artist CV of Hannah Faith Yata


Hannah Faith Yata is half Japanese and  was born and raised in a small town in Georgia. She grew up with a deep love of nature and animals passed down by the beautiful surroundings in the forest and her family.

In college, she studied feminism, psychology, and art. Graduating with a BFA in painting from the University of Georgia in 2012 where she thereafter moved to New York to pursue her dream to create art. In 2015, she was commissioned to do several works of art for musician B.o.B . Now married to fellow artist, Jean Pierre Arboleda, the two painters work passionately to call attention to industry and our environment and its effects on our psyche and the living world around us.  

In her latest works, Yata seeks to interweave the parallels of the unconscious with the struggle of the natural environment. She uses the female body as a way to bring the spirits of nature alive. The extreme physicality of the feminine form is a meditation on the materiality of existence and the need to protect the natural world. Obsessed with the sublime, Yata’s paintings inspire emotion that connects us to our soul and the world around us. Her use of masks examines the spirit of nature and evokes something ritualistic, animalistic, otherworldly, and spiritual. Motifs and natural patterns are used on the bodies celebrating the feeling of energy and wildness and recall primitive symbols that speak to the language of the goddess. These surreal and psychedelic landscapes of her work erupt with tension and beauty, the grotesque and the wild, to form exhilarating and mind-altering dreamscapes.





Two person show with Jean Pierre Arboleda.

Opening: September 7, 2019 at Booth Gallery in New York City.

Artist CV



2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, University of Georgia

Solo Shows

2018 EXILE, Phaneros Gallery, Nevada City, CA.

2016 Dancing in Delirium, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles CA

2011 Limbo, Uesuto Gallery, Ginza, Japan

Selected Group Shows


No Man’s Land, Two Person Exhibition with Jean pierre Arboleda, Booth Gallery, New York City, NY.

Gaia Reborn, Urban Nation Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

Suggestivism, Nucleus Portland, Portland, OR.


The 13th Hour, Last Rites Gallery, New York, NY.

Mystical Beasts, Sally Centigrade Gallery, Lakewood, CO.

Alchemy and Shamanism: Master of the Metamorphis, Festival Chimeria, Sedan, France.

Ephemeral, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Ataraxia, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, CA

The New Romantics, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Small Works Show, BeinArt Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


Hide and Seek, Weswal Gallery, East Tamworth, NSW Australia

Origins (Two person show with Jean Pierre Arboleda,) Asbury Park, NJ

Works on Paper, AFA Gallery, New York, NY

Ascension, Knew Conscious Gallery, Denver, CO

Creature, BeinArt Gallery, Brunswick, Australia

MAPS Conference, Phaneros Gallery, Oakland, CA

Recherche, Tribe 13 Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Naia Museum, Morbihan, France

Grand Opening of Phaneros Gallery, Nevada City, CA

Gem and Jam Festival, Phaneros Gallery, Tucson, AZ

Oversensory, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA



Exhibition hosted by Phaneros Gallery at the Emerald Cup, Santa Rosa, CA

Napoleon Complexity, AFA Gallery, New York,  NY

Mission Blue, Haven Gallery, Northport, NY

Femme to Femme Fatale, Modern Eden Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Suggestivism : Resonance curated by Nathan Spoor, Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Summer's Ghost, Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ

4%ers Group Exhibition Curated by Rachel Ralph, Athen B Gallery, Oakland, CA 

Truth to Power Pop-up Group Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA

Bridgehampton Art Fair, Exhibiting with Haven Gallery and Corey Helford Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

Blackburn Open Walls, Blackburn, United Kingdom

Below the Surface, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Beinart Surreal Art Show, Copro Gallery,  Santa Monica, CA



Into the Woods, Haven Gallery, Northport, NY

Verdant, Modern Eden Gallery, San Fransisco, CA

Women x Women, Station 16, Montreal, QC Canada

Art Collector Starter Kit III, Corey Helford Gallery, Culiver City, CA

The Midway SF, The Midway Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Superhero, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

The Garden of Fernal Delights, Bash Contemporary, San Francisco, CA

Storybook, Modern Eden Gallery, San Fransisco, CA

Dreamlands, Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, CA

Myth, Magic and Lore, Bash Contemporary, San Francisco, CA



Portraits of Strangers: Someones and Nobodies, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Abundandtia Cornu Copiae , Stephen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Tales of the Uncanny, Bash Contemporary, San Francisco, CA

Small Works Show, Arcadia Gallery, NY

Two person show with Kyle Stewart, Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ

Suggestivism, Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Olympus, Modern Eden Gallery. San Francisco, CA

Equinox, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Terra: Artwork Inspired by Nature, Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, CA

Last Rites, Last Rites Gallery, New York NY



Juried Show (Curated by Jonathan Levine), Asbury, NJ

Fountain Art Fair, Chicago, IL

Fauna, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Single Fare 3, RH Gallery, New York, NY



Nightmares and Night Terrors, Genome Gallery, Charlotte, NC

Rite of Spring, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Athens, GA

Gnome, Genome Gallery, Charlotte, NC



Chicken, Genome Gallery, Charlotte, NC

Tiny Paradise, Genome Gallery, Charlotte, NC